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Nothing impacts our well-being more than the quality of the water we drink. I’d like to share with you about the new journey I’ve ventured on. I started a company called “Rockin Your Body”, that will provide you with the products you need to improve the quality of the water you drink.

 The tradition of infusing water with the energy of gems can be traced back thousands of years. Ordinary tap water can be changed in only seven minutes. The secret to this change is based upon the ability of select gemstones to safely and positively, “inform” water. Encased in non-toxic, sustainable, pure glass, the gemstones breathe life into the water. This creates beautiful, positive, crystalline structures. It is truly amazing!

 Vitajuwel, the original glass gemstone products, were created based upon decades of research. You can enjoy sacred, crystal water in a sustainable, durable, shock resistant, reusable, glass bottle for on-the-go or fill a decanter for your whole family for a constant supply of fresh vibrant water. Our Gemstone vials are traditionally hand-crafted in a patented, artisanal method by master glassblowers, using lead-free glass and hand-picked gems. Tested by naturopathic doctors and based on ancient crystal healing traditions.

So, "Rock Your Body " today and regain your desire for fresh healthy water and love the water you drink!

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