Love What You Drink

About Us

Our Mission... to make a difference… to be the difference.  The difference that will assist in sustaining our precious Mother Earth, strengthen our families and our communities by being mindful of the next seven generations. To bring hope and wellbeing to others through very simple means that can improve the quality of life.


We are the Farner’s, Mark & Lesia, Soul mates & best friends, going on 46 years of Marriage, five children, 6 grandchildren and one great grandchild.  We’ve spent the past 54 years touring the world and enriching people’s lives through music. It has been an amazing experience all around! Music truly is a Universal language!

A lot of you know that we’re very health minded and strive to eat healthy organic whole foods and use natural sources to continue to maintain our wellness. Life on the road can catch up with a person quickly. We stive to keep our minds and bodies strong in a world full of many kinds of pollution.  Some of our best time is spent outdoors basking in all that Mother Nature so freely gives to nurture our health and wellness.

When we came across the Vitajuwel products, our curiosity was poised, we just had to put them to the test.


It’s where we all began…floating in our mother’s womb of amniotic fluids. We all know that the human body is made up primarily of water. Water is the elixir of life, and our most valuable natural resource. Nothing impacts our well-being more than the quality of the water we take in.

Vitajuwel charged water helped me to understand that more than ever. I always have an ear to the ground desiring to discover natural ways to help keep my family healthy. I read about these beautiful gemstone water bottles and how they infuse life energy into water and have a positive effect on our entire body. 

Seeing, feeling and tasting the difference between plain tap water and tap water that had been charged with Vitajuwel, really got our attention. Something so simple, we’re all about it.

 I choose two different blends of stones to get started with, the “Happiness” and the “Wellness” gemstone blends. I did a taste test of charged and uncharged…I couldn’t believe the difference!  I was so excited that I had Mark try it. He was pleasantly surprised and loved it too!  He said, “You can really taste the difference”!  We began that day drinking the charged water.  Within a short time, I started to feel something different. Early one morning I was sipping a glass of charged water and thinking about the energies of each stone in the blend and how simple, yet amazing they are. I told my husband “I feel different…like a sense of wellbeing that I hadn’t felt prior to drinking the charged water”. He also noticed a difference in the way the water made him feel.  We were totally hooked! We are so excited that it could really be this simple!

I never dreamed this would become a worm hole of adventure. An adventure that would change our lives and the lives of others and have such a positive impact. I wanted to share it with everyone!

Who couldn’t use some positive life force energy in their lives…and thus…Rockin Your Body was born.

Here’s to you all my friends…may you rediscover your thirst for water and experience the subtle, positive and dynamic life energy of VITAJUWEL!!