Love What You Drink


Our ROCKin YOUR BODY Worry-Free Protection Plan

By purchasing an original VitaJuwel product, you’ll get a premium glass item with hand-crafted components that will make you fall in love with the water you drink. We want to ensure that this love is made to last.  This is why we’re introducing a special promise to protect your precious product from the manufacturing issues and misfortunes.  We even have a great solution for you in the event you drop your bottle or knock over your Era Decanter with a Gemstone Vial in it.

To take advantage of this one-of-a-kind commitment in the glass industry and have your VitaJuwel product covered by the promise, simply keep the purchase receipt (sent to you by email). It provides protection for 5 YEARS after the date of purchase and is limited to purchases made directly from our ROCKin Your Body website (  Purchases made from other vendors are not covered by this promise.

No matter what might be wrong or what might happen with your VitaJuwel product, we have your back. Our Rockin Your Body Worry-Free Protection Promise is made up of 2 components:

 Limited warranty

Since 2013 VitaJuwel has been offering the finest products, using only the best materials and applying strict quality control standards.  Our products are warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship.  Our warranty is an expression of our confidence in the material and workmanship of our products and assures unsurpassed quality for dependable glass products.

This however is not a guarantee against normal wear and tear.  Nor does the warranty apply to products that have been damaged by misuse, neglect, accident, modification or authorized repair. In case you’ve damaged your VitaJuwel product yourself, our worry-free replacement policy (see below) is a great option to dry your tears.


Do you have two left hands? A bunch of beautifully wild children? Afraid that any of that might shatter your dream of fresh gemwater in the blink of an eye?  Worry no longer:

In case your VitaJuwel product is damaged or destroyed by anything else but manufacturing defect (covered by our limited warranty, see above), you received a 50% discount on the price (MSRP) for a brand-new replacement item (identical product or same price tier) from us.  Valid for 5 YEARS after your purchase and limited to purchases made directly from our website.

Just send in your receipt and a photo of your damaged / broken item.  We might also ask you to send in your original damaged or destroyed item in order to receive the discount. The policy is limited to replacements only. A refund of your original purchase price (in part or in Full) is not possible.