Love What You Drink



Over the centuries, wise men and women have studied the energy nodes of the subtle body, and how to bring these in balance with the use of crystals and gems. Inspired by this ancient lore, on the next few pages, we've distinguished seven crystal virtues to help you decide on one (or more) of our VitaJuwel gemstone blends. Some blends may represent more than one of these attributes.


„For me it’s self-evident that every success in the strive for better health has one requirement: The sufficient supply with high-quality water. This is especially relevant for informational therapies like crystal healing.

With VitaJuwel, water itself is turned into the carrier of the gems’ vibrations. Hippokrates already said “Your food shall be your remedy and your remedy shall be your food”

With VitaJuwel, you’re relieved from the time-consuming task of cleaning rough stones that you would put directly in your drinking water. At the same time, the flavor develops faster, more balanced, more subtle and distinctly different with every gemstone blend.

Due to its esthetically pleasing design, the VitaJuwel Gemstone Vial raises crystal healing into the field of high culture. Every vial is a unique piece of art on the dinner table and a true source of inspiration.”

Walter von Holst

Walter von Holst is Honorary Member of Steinheilkunde e.V. and initiator of the international research project for crystal healing. He is a leading expert in lithotherapy. His extraordinary competence shows in his works as author, e.g. the  „Enzyklopädie der Steinheilkunde“.


“With VitaJuwel, the best gemstone water can be prepared easily. Since the crystals are mantled in a glass vial, safe and hygienic handling is child's play, and risks through treated or poisonous rocks are eliminated. Furthermore, the esthetic design is causing positive perceptions in the observer, which in return is also influencing the water and improves the quality of the gemstone water. It is a marvelous solution and guarantees a one hundred percent information transfer of the gemstones into the water.”

Michael Gienger

Michael Gienger (1964 – 2014) was an internationally acclaimed expert and founder of the analytical crystal healing. From early childhood on Michael Gienger was interested in rocks. Ever since 1985, he studies crystal medicine intensively. He is author of numerous books on healing crystals and lecturer on geomancy and crystal medicine.



Everything in nature has its own subtle, vibrant energy.

Healers and Naturopathic doctors are using the vibrations of precious stones to prepare potent crystal elixirs with a carefully-selected combination of different stones types for their gemstone therapies.

We’ve reinterpreted this age-old tradition and – based on decades of research- created a number of unique blends.