Love What You Drink

What VIA is best For me?


VitaJuwel is the modern interpretation of age-old traditions. Wise women and men have been vitalizing their water with gemstones for thousands of years. Only now has VitaJuwel updated these traditions with a contemporary, sophisticated approach… 

In the past, you may have prepared your crystal elixirs by putting the gems directly in your drinking water.  This means your gems needed to be thoroughly scrubbed on a regular basis. Unfortunately, regular scrubbing usually causes gems become dull over time. We came up with a worry-free concept that ensures your water gets vitalized the right way. In our products, the gems are encased in glass, so they stay bright and shiny over the years without any cleaning hassle. Traditional methods of gemwater preparation carry the risk of stones releasing toxic substances into the water or pollution due to crystals being impregnated with artificial resins. With VitaJuwel, gems NEVER come in direct contact with the water, so there is no chance of water pollution. Despite being sealed inside the glass, the gems still vitalize the water - just like sunrays warming you in your living room on a Sunday afternoon. The glass container acts as a prism for the crystals' natural vibrations, enhancing the very structure of the elixir of life. Taste it and see!


Most people rely on their 5 senses to tell them what their reality is, using their sensory level to establish their frame of knowledge based on the time in which we are living. But our frame of knowledge has always been changing.

A good example is how science has shown us that the world is round when before we believed it was flat. Although you can't see it, the universal law of nature states that everything has its own vibration.

Atoms are constantly in a state of motion; everything in the universe is constantly vibrating.

Every gem has its own distinct, very subtle vibration. Those vibrations have the power to restructure water molecules.

Putting them “behind glass” doesn't stop that process, as vibrations pass a natural barrier like glass without a problem (think about sun rays, radio waves or a glass of water in a microwave). That's why VitaJuwel works. You really don't want any kind of minerals from stones in your water. Drink it pure, natural and fresh - and energized!



When choosing a gem's always best to go with your own intuition. For instance, notice which colors you are drawn to in a certain blend. Some stones may be more eye appealing to you than others.  Often, the name of a blend (Wellness, Vitality, Fitness, Love, Forever Young...) catches a person's attention. Each one is unique and cultivates specific vibrations. So, go with what you're looking to achieve within yourself.

If you're still uncertain, we suggest the WELLNESS blend of Gemstones. It's a great place to start!



While you’re reading this text more than 1,000,000 plastic bottles are trashed and are contaminating our precious planet. 50,000,000,000 (that’s 50 billion) plastic bottles are sold in the US per year. An epidemic of unseen dimensions and consequences.

By 2050, there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish.  Please help us to make a difference.  Stay healthy and hydrated and drink your water from a reusable bottle.

Enjoy crystal water with this sustainable, reusable glass bottle for on-the-go. Infuse your drinking water with precious gem stones for positive energy. bpa-free. eco-friendly. durable. hygienic.