Love What You Drink

Happy Customers

"My family and I will never turn back from Rockin Your Body's products, they have changed our lives! We started with the "Balance" Decanter and noticed a change immediately with not only the quality of our water but the change in our food! I began to use the water while cooking - our pancakes were fluffier, our pasta had a better texture and the flavor was so pure. We then purchased the water bottles "five elements" and "wellness", we love them so much and use them daily. The glass is durable and you can tote them around all day with you. My favorite, as it resonated with me so much, is "Forever Young" decanter. It's my favorite taste (as I can taste the difference between crystal mixes), and I crave it! I also have the vino droplet for "on the go" which I love too, I travel for work sometimes and can easily take it with me! Lesia is so responsive when I have questions, she's given great advice, and the shipping was quick with no damage! We love Rockin' Your Body!"
-Megan & Family (Arizona)

"The VIA Wellness bottle from Rockin' your body did an awesome thing for me. I had a spot on the right side of my sinus, like an infection pocket that never moved or drained. I tried different antibiotics and nothing moved it. I had this problem for 4 years. 
I read a medical article once that said if this doctor could get air to chronic infection spots he could clear them up. I saw after a few minutes of me putting spring water in the VIA bottle it started making several air bubbles. looked like 7up in the bottle. after I drank this water for 5 days something happened. I felt infection draining from the right nostril. The infection pocket was gone. I believe the combination of the gems vibes and air bubbles loosened the infection.  Pretty awesome indeed!"
- Pennsylvania 
"My "Force of Nature" water bottle found its way to me as a very thoughtful gift and during a time that I needed it the most. I could immediately feel the effects of the crystals on my body and mind, helping me feel more optimistic and determined, giving me or rather extracting the strength in myself to navigate through decisive challenges. I love my bottle and the impact it has had on me!"
- Sandra (California)
"Last December I started drinking charged water. I loved it so much I bought one for my sister too. We both are now drinking so much more water!  It’s delicious and I’ve really noticed that my skin is not as dry.  I chose Ayurveda for myself and Balance for my sister.

Not only has it been good for our health, but it’s so beautiful in my kitchen too! 
So glad that Plastic water bottles are no longer part of my everyday life.
Get one, or two…you won’t be sorry!"

- LaNell
"My first experience with VItajuwel gave me hope, that perhaps something as simple as water could improve my health and well-being. My friend was seeing changes in her own health after drinking the charged water for several weeks, and let me sample some of the water she had charged. I noticed a distinct difference in flavor, and a "lightness" to the water itself when I drank it. I went home with a Forever Young gemstone VIA bottle and have purchased several more since that day. The water brings balance to my digestive system. I no longer have an overly acidic stomach with heartburn after some meals. Because of this change, I decided to test the water to see if it was alkaline, and it was!
Four months have passed since I started drinking the charged water, and I have seen these changes, in addition to the improvements in my digestive system: I no longer drink two diet sodas a day; the water has replaced it without much thought or effort on my part. I do not crave sugar like I used to, and also have almost completely stopped drinking wine. I use the charged water to make my hot tea and lemon water also. Both have become more satisfying to me, since making this change.
Emotionally, I have felt more balanced and less anxious than the norm. I attribute this to the change I've made in my drinking water. I tend to drink more water on a daily basis, because I am ENJOYING the charged water. Currently, I am sampling water from the Focus blend, and look forward to seeing how it may help me during my work days. 
My adult children also have been using the water, and love it. They asked for gemstone VIA bottles for Christmas, and they blessed me with a Wellness Vial and decanter set as my gift this year. We are hooked, and will happily share more results as we continue to use the charged water." 
- Sherry (Northern Michigan)
I love my VITAJUWEL bottles! These have been a game changer in my health. Besides improving the taste of my water, they have caused a desire in me, to drink water all day long. I actually crave drinking water now!! My body intuitively knows it needs the charged water. Along with the benefits that come with higher water intake,( hydration) internally I feel a sense of wellness. I FEEL the VITAJUWEL water is helping my internal organs . My skins appearance is better, my digestion has improved. I feel like I have more energy.
Additionally, I began watering my plants and the difference in them is amazing. They have grown and bloomed as if they were being given plant food/ fertilizer.
I'm hooked for life. I look forward to adding to my collection of gem bottles and realizing additional benefits of a variety of gems. Lesia is knowledge and provides outstanding customer care.

She is very excited to share the benefits of the VITAJUWEL products, and has good cause to be! They are amazing!
- Kelly O
"Since using the new infused water bottle,  i  have noticed a little less anxiety and less acid reflux. The water actually tastes and feels smoother and easier to drink which make me drink more water. The design of the bottle and quality is superior. I love my bottle and use it everyday!" 
- Rick K (Mountaintop, PA)